Juventus Card Activation

      If you have received the new Supporter Card, you will need to activate it clicking on the “Activate your Supporter Card” button.

      In this way any pre-emption rights, admission tickets and accrued credit will be transferred on the new Supporter Card.

      Click on the “Activate your Supporter Card” button and go to the page on which, in just a few clicks, you will carry out the transfer operation:

      1. The system will ask you to enter the identifiers of the expired card (identifier number and web ticketing code) and those of the new card (identifier number and web ticketing code, which is also printed on the new card);
      2. Click on “Trasferisci”. If the new card is correctly identified, the holder’s information will be shown and a message will notify you that the operation was successfully concluded. From this moment on, the login securities linked to the old card will be associated with the new one.

      If there is anything wrong with the process, you will receive an explanatory message.


      Should you run into the 'Support activated but titles not transferred' problem, write directly to supporto@assistenzalisticket.it and list all the cards and owners data in order to receive the support you need to enter the stadium.


      We would like to remind you that from the moment the new card is activated, the expired card can’t longer be used to purchase admission tickets, to access the Allianz Stadium, or to take advantage of any promotions or incentives of any kind.

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